Reusable mask (Junior size)


Softmed masks comply with all of the demands set out by the Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority. The main function of a reusable mask is to reduce the transmission of saliva droplets from the wearer into their environment and vice versa, and to limit contact between the hands of the wearer and the covered area of the face.
One package includes 5 masks.

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  • Single-layer nanofiber mask.
  • Reusable and machine or hand washable at 60 degrees. Do not machine or tumble dry.
  • The filtering qualities and breathing resistance of the mask have been tested in the laboratory of the Estonian Environmental Research Centre.
  • The strength of the straps has been tested.


User manual

  • Do not use if the mask has collected moisture.
  • Reusable for one wearer.
  • Dispose in a sealable rubbish bin.
  • The mask prevents the transmission of droplets from the airways into the environment.
  • Always make sure that the face mask is covering your nose, mouth and chin.
  • Having a beard might reduce filtering efficiency.
  • Using a face mask does not replace other protective measures such as washing your hands regularly, keeping a distance from other people, etc.
  • The mask must be cleaned after each use according to the instructions of the manufacturer.

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