BLACK DENIM reusable mask with medical filter fabric.

The mask’s medical filter fabric catches even the smallest viral particles.

  • Black denim reusable masks are produced at our Softmed factory in Jõgeva.
  • The mask’s quality indicators are as good as those of the medical Type IIR mask, and thanks to the higher density of the material, it is washable as well.
  • The mask is manufactured using components of medical masks, making its air resistance very low – only 38.53 Pa/ cm2.
  • The black elastic ear loops do not put pressure on the ears or tire them out.
  • The same nose bridge wire is used in our medical masks – the mask is a good fit for people who wear glasses because the bendable nose bridge wire holds its shape and does not make glasses fog up.
  • The mask has been tested according to the PPE manufacturing guide, CWA17533: 2020 – 300 nm particle filtration efficiency >95%.

Pack for 5.90 €/5pcs per pack


Type IIR white protective medical masks

Type IIR white protective masks made in Softmeds’ factory in Jõgeva are very similar to our main product – the blue protective mask – in terms of technical characteristics.

The air resistance of the white masks is 30.24 Pa /cm2 and their bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) is 99.04%. Complies with the standard EN14683:2019

Pack for 14.90 €/50pcs per pack


Type IIR blue protective medical masks

  • the best choice for people who wear glasses – glasses or optical instruments will not fog up
  • comfortable nose bridge wire – flexible yet sturdy and does not move out of place
  • soft fabric that does not irritate the skin
  • the rubber bands are elastic and just the right length – the ear loops do not put pressure on the ears or irritate the mask-wearer
  • spray-proof
  • a protective three-layer construction
  • for single use
  • 2 pack sizes: 10 pcs or 50 pcs in a box
  • complies with the standard EN14683:2019

10pcs pack for 4,90 €

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50pcs pack for 9,90 €

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Respirator mask efficient against viruses!


NB! This is a piece of personal protective equipment.

The FFP2 respirator is designed to protect against fine solid particles and aerosols as well as viral and bacterial infections.

  • The filtration efficiency of the FFP2 is at least 94%. Additional tests carried out by the Estonian Environmental Research Centre show that its aerosol particle filtration efficiency is at least 98.8%.
  • Each box includes six FFP2 valveless respirators.
  • The FFP2 respirators are sterile and packaged individually.
  • FFP2 respirators comply with the standard EN149:2001+A1:2009.
  • CE marked
  • They have soft rubber bands and nose clips.

They are designed for single use for a maximum of eight hours.
Make sure that the mask is pressed tightly against your face.
To dispose of the product, please throw it in a rubbish bin.

The product has been examined at the Environmental Research Centre, determining the effectiveness of its aerosol particle filtration; the results can be downloaded here.

Pack for 8,9 €/6pcs per pack


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