Certified face masks 10pcs


A box of ten (ten masks in a box) is for personal use and most efficiently portable. An oval cardboard box protects the masks from possible deformation or contamination in a pocket or a handbag.



Softmed face masks have a three-layer construction and flexible rubber bands and nose bridge wires. They are the ideal choice for medical establishments in order to protect both medical staff and patients. Essential for reducing the spread of various bacterial or viral infections in public spaces (public transport, shops, theatres, cinemas) where the risk of infection is very high.


User manual


  1. Wash or clean your hands before and after using the protective mask.
  2. Put on the protective mask with the blue side facing away from you and the white side against your skin.
  3. Place the rubber bands behind your ears.
  4. Place the mask on your face, covering your nose and chin entirely.
  5. Press the nose bridge wire of the mask tightly around your nose.
  6. Remove the mask, touching only the straps and avoiding the section on your face.
  7. Throw the used protective mask in a sealable rubbish bin.

NB! It is recommended to use a single-use protective mask for up to four hours or until moisture starts collecting on the mask.


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